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Beacon Energy was formed on 1992 by Professor Tony Marmont, his aim was to increase public awareness about climate change and what can be done to address it. Today with most people aware of the damaging effects of climate change Beacon Energy remains focussed on reducing CO2 emissions by promoting and demonstrating clean energy technology for the future.

Our Aims

Beacon Energy demonstrates and promotes sustainability, with particular emphasis on renewable energy and energy storage, we are also involved with the development of a new carbon-neutral fuel produced from renewable energy, which could meet the need for a new source of transport fuel. We aim to encourage and support the development and implementation of these technologies and philosophies at all levels.

Our Achievements

Beacon Energy operates from two sites; West Beacon Farm and Whittle Hill Farm Buildings, our premises operate independently from the national electricity grid and our overall energy consumption is less than half the average for office buildings in the UK. This web site will give you an overview of the measures we are taking to conserve resources; it will also give technical information about the integrated renewable energy network and energy storage systems we are operating.

In 2009 Professor Tony Marmont was awarded an ‘Individual Achievement Award’ by the Energy Institute, in recognition of his work as a champion for non-polluting and sustainable energy production.

Further Information

Tony Marmont's inspiring presentation 'Climate Change and Energy' is available to download (PDFicon) , there are also numerous pdf documents available from the resources section which cover a wide range of related issues.


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